Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crispy Gingersnap or Turmeric?

I did manage to get the wall color on over the weekend. Poor Bruce has a touch of the flu, but is gamely working through it. He finished the walls and applied the primer on Saturday morning. The plan was that I would get the wall color on over the weekend.

Handy Dude (Dennis) agreed to come over and assist. I had most of the first coat on by the time he arrived. Even with the primer tinted with some of the wall color, it's a pretty dark, intense color, and it was obvious 2 coats were going to be needed.

Dennis finished the walls and moved on to the ceiling. Unfortunately the can of ceiling paint I had left over and hoped to use, was pretty much sludge, so a trip to Home Depot had to be made.

Dennis came back Sunday and finished the second coat. The color is looks more like turmeric to me. It picks up the oxidation in the granite, which is what I wanted. The soffit still needs to be done and I'll probably do the dining room wall to match (Wilderness = Forest Green.

Yesterday, week four of the remodel, Bruce spent most of the day in the garage custom building my shelving for the microwave, TV, dishes, etc. Stay tuned, it's going to be cool!


  1. Love the color. I would be happy cooking in that warm kitchen!

  2. What a great color for your kitchen. I love bold statements - not plain white or beige. How exciting!!


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