Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost there

It was a busy weekend in kitchen remodel land. Weaver Sheet Metal , despite all the quality propaganda, customer is #1, blah, blah, blah on the walls, doesn't actually practice what they preach. They forgot (?) to order the sheet metal for the backsplash, despite numerous phone calls and visits by Bruce, who had really hoped to install said backsplash on Friday. Very disappointing customer service. Still not here on Monday.

The custom shelving for the dishes, microwave, food processor & toaster were installed Saturday while I was working a wine demo at Giant Eagle. Big Frig finally made it's way into it's permanent home. It's been parked in the front of the kitchen and blocking the view, so I was a little taken aback when I returned home.

It was the first time everything sort of seemed in place, and I was pretty surprised at the wave of emotions. First I just walked around for a few minutes saying OMG, OMG out loud - I mean really Oh Em GEE; must be too much Internet board trolling, because it was even funny at the time. Then I just started bawling like a baby.

The old kitchen wasn't just cheap and ugly, it was the scene of a pretty unpleasant memory that I'm not going to detail here. To see the new kitchen, designed to my very specific, and sometimes probably crazy, standards, was really a moving experience.

Sunday I spent the entire day moving things back in and working on removing the thick patina of dusty gloom that seemed to settle on every surface in the house.

It was a cleansing experience in more ways than one.

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  1. Your kitchen looks fantastic. I love the open cabinets.


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