Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When a door closes, a pass through opens

Today there was wiring and we marked the placement of the shelves for the microwave and TV. Microwave is going in this corner with a box like shelf enclosure. It will have a shelf above for storage and a pull-out shelf for parking items going in or out. I was originally thinking of the TV above the mic, but there's not enough space to keep the whole thing far enough above the countertop.

Soffit exposed to faciliate wiring. The plumbing to the second floor bathroom is there and visible.

On the day I moved in, I had a couple of nice, paid by the hour guys bringing in things from our apartment. The light fixture in the center of the kitchen started dripping water. Huh? So hubby went up to investigate. He grabbed the shut-off valve under the sink and promptly broke it right off. Luckily someone (me) paid attention during the inspection and knew that the main shut off valve was in a cupboard in the basement. I told the moving guys to just bring stuff in and put it anywhere while we rounded up a plumber. Ah, memories.

The frig is going here. There was some rewiring activity here today. And drilling that set off the smoke alarm. Which prompted a "What is making that noise?". It really didn't sound like a smoke alarm at first.

TV is going in this corner to the right of the window on a shelf.

The soon to be former door to the old dining room. The framed 'window' section to the left is the pass through. The old dining room which is/was just part of one long room with the living room, is now/will be a library housing cookbooks with a table and chairs that overlooks the patio. Which is on the summer makeover docket.
It's noisy and distracting to try and work in my office, but so far, it's all good.

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