Friday, January 16, 2009

TGIF - It's Starting to look like a kitchen

It's only been 4 days since the kitchen remodel started, and it's already starting to look like a kitchen. Short work day today. My guy (hereafter referred to as Bruce), had a short day starting at about 10:15 when I left to meet with a new client. A woman spun-out in front of him on the highway going home the other night on the black ice and he wasn't able to stop in time. $500 in damage to his van according to the brave insurance soul who came out to examine the damage in my driveway today. His son Andy helped on Tues - Thurs, but has another job Fri - Monday, so Bruce was solo today.

The cabinets came out of the cardboard and started finding their permanent homes. I opted for primarily drawers because it is so much easier to store and remove things than in traditional door cupboards. This set of drawers is to the left of the dishwasher and will hold flatware, the ugly coffee cups I use everyday but wouldn't put in open shelving, and glass baking dishes. Open shelving of some sort that I haven't totally designed will hold plates, bowls, wine glasses, etc. This corner will also house the coffee pot.

The opposite corner on the same wall has a corner cabinet with two lazy susans in the corner, and a small filler cabinet/small drawer in between it and the sink cabinet. The TV will go on a corner shelf (marked above here), and at the end of the day we talked about filling out that shelf with flanking cubby hole shelves on either side. There is going to be a pot rack over the window and possibly a shelf of some type across the window as well.

Caddy corner wall cabinet is two nice deep drawers to the right of range. Microwave on corner shelf will be above.

The remaining corner near the pass through has a matching lazy susan shelf cabinet. Next to it is a 3 drawer unit, and to the left of the range a small drawer and the trash can pull-out with a small space behind to hold bags.

There is some space filling to do on either side of the fridge. Originally I was going to do wine racks to fill in the space, but decided on open spaces to house sheet trays and cutting boards with possibly a space above each for wine or rolled towels.

There will be more work tomorrow. The granite template will be done on Tuesday.

I have a new client on Monday, and a regular on Thursday or Friday, so I will at least get to cook a few days in an actual kitchen. The leftovers of the last meals I cooked have been consumed, and cobbling things together from the fridge has been ok so far, but is starting to wear thin. As is washing the dishes in the basement laundry tub.
My sister's birthday is tomorrow and we have reservations for a much anticipated wine pairing dinner at Loretta Paginini's Sapore Restaurant in Chesterland. And I don't care how many Weight Watcher points I consume.

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