Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take Me for Granite

Canton Cut Stone came to measure and template for the granite yesterday. Meet my gorgeous new piece of the rock, Exotic Paradise. The slab has what's known in the trade as a lot of "movement". Movement translates to $$$$. This is a once in a lifetime purchase for me, and I cut back in other places to get the one I truly love, and after looking at a warehouse full of pretty slabs, this one just blew me away.

I hadn't seen it for about a month and wasn't smart enough to take my good camera, and my cell phone takes beyond horrible pictures. I was hoping it was as gorgeous as I remembered. It is.

The pockets of pattern have different colors, but I am particularly fond of the lime-ish green streaks. The cluster of darker, black pattern has diamond like sparkly spots.

It's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle fitting the templates onto the slab. It would have much more expensive to have to purchase an additional slab, which would have been necessary if I had opted for an undermount sink. I am reusing my old drop-in sink. I was hoping for a little leftover to make a shelf for my pass-through and for a new window sill, and it looks like we'll just squeak through with about enough left for a couple of coasters.
The picture above is the piece that will be to the right of the range and is my favorite part of the slab's pattern.

It's a good thing I liked how it worked out, because it was probably the only way it would have. Installation is scheduled for next Wednesday.
Lighting is almost done as is the water line to pot-filler faucet.
Weaver Sheet Metal is custom making a stainless backsplash for behind the range; a bargain at about $125. The one that is sold as option to the range was over $1,000.
The range hood is still enjoying it's cruise from Italy and has yet to be precisely located.
I need to make a final decision on flooring. I'd like to see the one I preliminarily picked after the granite is installed next week.
Picked up a cool sample book of recycled glass mini tiles for the backsplash behind the sink.
Decisions, decisions.

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