Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sorry Ma'am, She Just Couldn't Be Saved

About five minutes after I stopped patting myself on the back for saving those spare Pergo tiles, and after a valiant effort to detach the partial tiles at the right lower edge above, in order to use those saved tiles, it became apparent that this was one giant glued together tile. This was a special order back in the dawn of the day for Pergo, the new fake flooring that's really a picture of a floor! Back in the old days (2001) you had to glue those suckers together, then attach them at the tongue and grooves, then attach straps across the room to hold 'em tight while the glue dried. The good news? The guy that put it in did a great job. The bad news? For once I wish he'd been a bit of a glue slacker.

I knew this was a possibility, but was really hoping to not have to spend more money on a new floor (I thought wistfully as I headed on the snowy, slippery roads to Lowes and Home Depot). Laminate flooring has come a long way since my beloved Pergo was installed. But I must have been the only one in love with Terra Rosa, because you can't even special order anything in the same color family.

I did find a Swiftlock version (Sargasso Slate)at Lowes for $50 a box (I need six) that is pretty close. It comes with the cork backing already attached and in long strips of 4-5 "tiles" that install with the tongue and groove snap and no glue. Home Depot had a plethora of bargain and clearance materials for as little as 99 cents a square foot, but alas nothing that really tripped my trigger.

While I was out mourning the loss of my Pergo, I went to Sam's Club and picked up a new mini microwave and a small TV. I'd like to put these in the corner to the right of the range on angled shelves with a pull out shelf under the microwave.

I haven't gone into to complete cooking withdrawal yet. I set an old microwave and the coffee pot up in the first floor bathroom. The toaster and breakfast station is on a filing cabinet in my office. The old frig is still stocked and parked in the dining room. Which is plugged into a wall switch that if turned off will result in a nice warm frig. I am hoping the big note I stuck to it (LEAVE LIGHT ON) will remind me not to flip the switch.

Bought a $2 dish tub and stuck iton the washing machine to handle that task. If I really get the jones to cook I have portable butane burners, a mini oven I use for catering, and more crockpots than a church social.
I am also counting Weight Watcher points starting this week in an attempt to divorce myself from the personal floation device that attached itself to me in the last two months. Like I don't have enough going on. Off to the gym....

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