Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Personal Chef Makes Accountant's Day & Vice Versa

It's always nice to get feedback from clients, believe or not even if it isn't positive, because it really helps to fine tune the service.

But feedback like this, from today's client that I cooked 3 entrees for her (mostly vegetarian/fish, lactose intolerant) and 3 for husband (hot & spicy loving carnivore), really makes my day:

"OK. We can't stop smiling. Our dinner was excellent and took no effort to pull together. 'E' had the stroganoff and I had the mushroom (I actually had two mushrooms). He liked it so much that he is planning to eat tomorrow's portion of the stroganoff tonight and is going for round 2. We don't want to make a habit of eating double portions in one evening, but tonight we are letting loose! Thank you!

We actually had dinner together as a family today. Despite the fact that the kids had sports practices too. A rare occurence for us except for Fri-Sun."

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