Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now We're Cooking with Gas!

I started the day with #4 on the rounds of driveway shoveling. Tackling the crusty clogged end after the street plow finally visits is always particularly fun, and today was no exception.

Then in a relatively short amount of time I narrowed down the couple of dozen paint chip cards I picked up last weekend from Home Depot. I like Behr paint and have used it a lot. For the record, Bruce hates it and prefers Pratt & Lambert.

So I'm thinking Crispy Gingersnap on the walls and Wilderness on the soffit. And I am so available for naming paint colors after a few glasses of wine.

The most exciting part of today is getting the range nearly in place. It's not all the way there - a fitting needs changed, but it's hooked up and ready to cook.

The sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal are all back in working order. I really can't tell you how much I've missed them. Washing dishes in the laundry tub loses it's allure quickly. My fabulous Schott Zweisel wine glasses actually prefer the dishwasher to my lame attempts to hand wash them.

Canton Cut Stone came back today to put the new window sill in place. They did an absolutely fantastic job on the installation and did right by me on the more than expected dust created from the on-site sink cutout. Note - most people will opt for their complimentary undermount sink which gets cut and mounted at their place and shouldn't have any dust issues.

More good news: Apparently my range hood has been spotted and should be here next week. The custom backsplash and over the window pot rack are being made by Weaver Sheet Metal and should be ready in a week.

I'll be painting over the weekend before the Big Fridge gets put in place and Bruce will be working on the shelving.

I could just stand in there at all hours and look at the granite and all the different sparkly colors......


  1. Your kitchen is looking fantastic!! It seems to be moving along quickly - even with a blizzard.

    Happy painting this weekend!!

  2. oooooh I seriously love that range. Have fun!


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