Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My wish has been Granite(d)

Ahhh, another fine winter day in Akron. Winter storm predicted to drop 8-14", definitely delivered. There was about 4" in the driveway by the time I woke up and got my caffeine fix. By the time I got to the bottom to shovel, there was already another inch accumulated at the top. I was on my third pass by the time the granite guys arrived.

I'm sure my granite guys were having a great time on their 40 mile per hour trip here with my beautiful granite strapped to the outside of the van.

The view from the backyard. Probably not a good day for a fire in the firepit. Which is under there somewhere.

Looks strangely like a polygraph, but is actually the contraption that seals the seam in the granite pieces. It's hooked up to some kind of compressor in the toolbox which hummed along while the sealant did it's thing. Then they measured the opening for the sink and drilled it out. I wish I could say that the dust wasn't too bad, but I'd be lying.

I have some strange rash on my neck that looks like poison ivy. Between the itching, the noise from the saw, and the furnace running at full blast in my office due to sealing off the room where the thermostat is, I was about to pass out. Bruce was kind enough to stop by the store and pick up some Benadryl for me at lunchtime. Which usually equals instant nap for me.

So here it is. It's really absolutely stunning.

The window sill wasn't quite right, so they'll be back.

Tomorrow the range, sink & dishwasher should go in. Primer should be done so I can pick out and paint over the weekend. I might even be cooking by Friday. Which should distract me from the itching.

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  1. It's beautiful!
    Sorry to hear about your itchy rash. Hope it's better today.


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