Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Week 2

Bruce worked awhile Saturday, and Sunday I gave the house a good cleaning. He's pretty tidy and there is plastic over the critical doorways, but everything kind of felt a little grimy to me, kind of like you feel after camping for the weekend and are in dire need of a shower.

I rounded up most of my traveling equipment over the weekend to prepare for Monday's new personal chef client. A bit of challenge since I'd moved things into practically every room.

Canton Cut Stone is coming this morning to measure and prepare the template for the granite countertops, so the cabinets had to be completely in place yesterday. The behemoth refrigerator, a French-door Kitchenaid was delivered a couple of weeks ago, and it took the delivery guys a bit of effort to wrestle it through my interior garage door.

Due to the size of the Big Frig and the layout, there really wasn't room to put stock cabinets, so my designer Robin Rimmer, of Cabinetcraft in Copley, ordered extra material for Bruce to build some custom fillers on either side of the fridge. Originally we were thinking equal on either side, but I really wanted storage for my half sheet pans and cutting boards, plus two shelves that I can put baskets on that pull out to store potatoes and onions. Bruce suggested making the right side larger and the left side was sized to hold wine bottles.

Preparation for the installation of the water line for the pot-filler faucet. The outlet at the bottom is going to be moved and since this wall opposes the one going down the basement stairwell, Bruce is able to pull the outlet to the stairwell side. No more finding a long extension cord to vacuum those stairs.

Pull out trash can with bag storage to the left of the range.

Sink base and corner lazy susan unit

Drawers next to the dishwasher.

Inside of lazy susan unit.

I had a minor anxiety attack thinking that the wrong refrigerator had been delivered. My only requirements were French door, counter depth with the largest capacity available with those requirements. I didn't realize that counter depth means the main part; the doors still stick out a bit so you can actually open them (duh!). We could always bump some of the back wall out, but that's more time and money than I want to invest.
Remind me of that when I bump into monster frig later.

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