Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Floored. Almost.

The new Swiftlock Sargasso Slate fake tile flooring spent it's required weekend acclimating to it's new climate prior to installation. Although I was a bit sad that the old Pergo faux tile could not be saved, I have to say that I really like the new flooring.

It's a bit of a challenge to line up the faux grout lines and it took some tweaking and whacking, but the fact that it doesn't look perfect actually makes it look more like real tile. I actually reached down and touched the fake grout lines a few times. The upside is I know what it's like to keep real grout in real floor tile clean and the Swiffer just doesn't cut it despite the cutesy commercials. So not having to drag out the cleaning calvary for this floor is a bonus, because it gets dirty.

The bad news is that we are about 3 boards short to complete the floor. There were plenty of open boxes full of potential orphans at Lowes. Hopefully Bruce will be able to talk them into giving up a few rather than having to buy a whole new box.

Prior to installing the floor Bruce put the hose in for the exhaust fan. I am tired of whacking my forehead on fans, so we also measured so that my fan will be installed so even when I am leaning towards the back burner I will not be getting the showstopping thump that makes me see stars. I'm really surprised I haven't left a client with a black eye yet.

Which reminds me: I started the day by stepping on the step that is not attached to my garage wall which promptly flew out from under my feet and sent me in a pile to the floor. The last time I pulled a move like this I cracked a rib and spent 3 months pretty miserable. So I guess the 10 pounds I gained and was heading to gym to get rid of saved me for once. It would have been really ugly if I had been laying in the garage for an hour before Bruce showed up for work. So I guess I really was floored today.

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