Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going, Going, GONE!

I had almost forgotten how ugly that pinky-peach-hexagonal-textured lineoleum was. Almost. I am really happy that I kept the extra Pergo tiles that were leftover from covering it up because I really love that Pergo. It's easy to clean and it's easy on the legs when cooking. Ceramic tile can wear you out if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I have bouts of household bulimia which result in a flurry of give-aways, haul aways and last year's wildly successful yard sale, so the fact the spare tiles were spared is pretty miraculous.

View from the kitchen window. My neighbor has a postage stamp sized patio covered with indoor outdoor green carpet. Looks like a misplaced putt putt putting green. I am hoping the new folks that moved in this fall will get rid of the carpet. Or at least put some gnomes and a windmill there. We'll see. My handy dude and I built these nifty planter boxes with lattice back panels to screen the view. There's a Maple tree and lots of roots and shade which doesn't lend itself to planting or digging there.

So in about 5 hours, it's gone. I particularly enjoyed watching the countertop submit to a kung fu kick that broke it into two for it's removal from the premises.
So far none of those uh-oh moments, although I was a little scared when the contractor asked how long ago I'd replaced the electrical box in a way that had my wallet contracting. Turns out he was just peeved that the circuits hadn't been labeled. Me too, but everytime I think about doing it, the follow through didn't happen.
My 'guy' (everyone should have a guy) has done some pretty fantastic work here already, including 3 bathrooms, some windows and crown molding. I was in the process of finalizing the kitchen design last spring and had start boldly removing and tossing the cabinet doors. The designer and I hadn't heard back from him for a week or so when we learned that he had been in a very serious motorcycle accident; pickup turned in front of him.
It sounded pretty scary serious and I just put everything on hold. He had a long recovery and lots of surgery including a jaw rebreak and wire. This is his first job since the accident. Glad to have him back and it will be worth the wait.
Still pondering backsplash and lighting and generally everything above the waist. So many decisions....


  1. Wow, it must feel great to be at the beginning of this project. I love the red lattice planters in the backyard.

    Good luck with the renovation! I can't wait to see the step-by-step pictures. Do you have a temporary kitchen set up to use during construction? Our contractor built one for us in the dining room and it saved me.

  2. Good luck with your renovation project. I will be checking back to see how it progresses - we are going to do some remodeling but not to your extent.


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