Sunday, January 25, 2009

Food...Don't Waste It

The statistics on the amount of food wasted in this country are horrific. Take a look at the photo in this New York Times article that depicts an average family of four's monthly food waste. Holy smokes!

I'd love to have back half of the money I've wasted on food that never made it to the table. I am a descendant of grocery horders and I've got the gene. Part of my new kitchen design is to keep ingredients visible. Things that get pushed to the back of cupboards and refrigerators rarely make it back to the light of day in time to enjoy at their peak.

There is still a perception that personal chefs are for the rich and famous only, and that we have carte blanche with the grocery money. The reality is that my clients are mostly hardworking, middle class folks that don't have the time to create from scratch meals using fresh, whole foods.

They've usually tried the carryout, dining out, packaged foods with questionable ingredients, and fat laden and often tasteless ready to eat offerings available nearly everywhere, and they've found that they were gaining weight, developing diseases, and they weren't enjoying the meals to boot.

Some have even found that having a personal chef saves them money. I spend a lot of time grocery shopping and I treat client's budgets like my own. I don't sacrifice on quality ingredients, but I know more than a few tricks and places to get the most for the money. Trust me, if you are wasting the amount of food, and therefore money, that's shown in the NY Times photo, you could afford to hire me.

The poster shown above is not a new one. It's actually a World War I Food Conservation Campaign poster from 1918 by F.G. Cooper put out by the U.S. Food Administration. Guess what? Everything old is new again.

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  1. Very well put, Tami. Funny about that slogan being from 1918; it's so relevant today.


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