Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everything Really Does Taste Better with Bacon (and Butter)

I don't give or receive many holiday gifts anymore, but I did manage to find the perfect gift for my nearly vegetarian sister: Bacon Salt! It comes in three tasty flavors, regular, hickory and peppered. It doesn't actually contain any meat - but it manages to impart that smoky, sweet bacon flavor to all of your favorite dishes. I haven't seen in any of the stores locally, but you can order it on-line and it will show up in your mailbox in a matter of days.

Yes, I had to get some for myself. I've tried in in tomato soup, on scrambled eggs, and on salad. I like the pepper flavor the best, but they are all tasty. I can't wait to experiment a little more. So it wouldn't feel lonely I also got some applewood smoked salt, and a gift set of different salts from Urban Herbs, one of my favorite stands at the West Side Market.

And what did I get for Christmas? Sis got me a Butter Bell! It's a little lidded jar that you put cold water in, then stuff a stick of softened butter in the insert in the lid. You change the water every few days. So you always have fresh, easy to spread butter ready to go, right on the counter. It's not that I am a butter pig, but I like to have a little to spread on my bread, especially now that it's the height of soup season.

Ok then. So it's off to the gym where I will realize (sadly) that even an hour of cardio really doesn't make much of a dent in my bacon and butter habit. Not to mention the dent I made in the box of Godiva chocolates last night.....

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