Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recipe Source Love: Everyday Food by Martha Stewart

As I develop my inspiration recipes for the week using my Fast, Fresh, & Flexible Freestyle Menu Planning system, I turn to magazines often, and I thought I'd share on of my favorites and why I enjoy it.

Everyday Food, is a digest sized magazine, published by Martha Stewart 10 times a year. For $15 you can get both a print and an iPad subscription.  Because I tend to tear my magazines apart and file the recipes by category, it's nice to have the iPad version to refer back to it, and it includes video clips on some of the recipes.

There is also a companion PBS show, although I haven't managed to catch it lately.

Why do I like it?  The recipes are simple, but tasty, and are as the title suggests, for everyday cooking. Each issue contains a piece that focuses on a single seasonal ingredient; what it is, how to use it, and several recipes.  There is usually a recipe scaled especially for a single cook.  A weekly plan, including a shopping list is featured, as well as some simple side dishes you probably hadn't thought of.

There are two soft bound compilation volumes, the most recent is Everyday Food Light, which I picked up at Sam's Club for around $15.

This month's issue (March 2012) is the "Budget Issue" (each issue usually follows a theme). It features a caramelized onion soup recipe from Tamar Adler, author of The Everlasting Meal, which is one of the inspirations for Fast, Fresh, and Flexible.  The next session of the Fast, Fresh & Flexible class series will focus on seasoning and building flavors in dishes, and caramelized onions will be one of the featured dishes.

I am posting a list of my weekly inspiration recipes with sources on my Facebook page, be sure to follow me there if you want to see what's cooking.

Cheers - Tami